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The economical, energy-optimised supply of compressed air is an important production and profit factor for your company and it enhance its competitiveness.

Speed control

Start benefiting from the potential energy savings of speed-controlled screw compressors with ALMiG SCD technology!

Market analyses show that conventional compressors only operate at approx. 50 - 70% of their capacity and the maximum volume of compressed air delivered (100% capacity load) is only required during peak times. It is precisely this margin, i.e. in applications below full capacity utilisation, where the strong points of energy-saving speed-controlled compressors with SCD technology come to bear most.

SCD technology stands for speed-controlled direct drive and is a concept that efficiently implements the advantages of SCD speed control combined with an SCD direct drive and a highly efficient, integrated SCD frequency converter. 

Average overall costs of a compressed air station:

Energy costs are a major item in a compressed air station. In spite of the fact that energy prices are continuously rising, today up to 40% more energy is being consumed than is really necessary. 

One of the causes of this is compressed air produced by standard compressors only with fixed speeds.

Conventional or standard compressors with fixed-speed motors can only cater to the varying air requirements for a specific production if they use load - no-load control or by means of proportional position action or back pressure regulation. However, in both cases there is an enormous loss of output if they are operated at below maximum capacity

State-of-the-art, intelligent "energy-saving compressors"

To compensate for this design disadvantage, "energy-saving compressors" with speed-controlled drives are being used today.

The essential advantages of this concept are the following:

Maximum economic efficiency

  • By varying the motor speed, the speed-controlled screw compressors consume only the amount of power that is actually required to produce the quantity of compressed air required.
  • Exact adjustment of the volumetric flow rate to the relevant compressed air requirements reduces expensive no-load times to a minimum (no-load means approx. 25 - 30% of the total power consumption of the compressor without any compressed air being produced).

Constant network pressure

Speed-controlled screw compressors hold the input final compression pressure at +/- 0.1 bar constant level within a pressure range, even if the compressed air quantity requirement fluctuates. This facilitates a lower final compression pressure and saves energy.

Free selection of the optimal operating pressure

Speed-controlled compressors make it possible to select the operating pressure freely between 5 and 13 bars in 0.1 bar degrees. Therefore, optimum adjustment to all on-site conditions, e.g. day and night shifts, can be implemented in a matter of seconds. This guarantees maximum flexibility and efficiency across a broad range of applications and in case of future plant extensions.

Energy-conserving start-up without peaks

Furthermore, wth its fully-integrated SCD frequency converter and the innovative and highly efficient SCD motor, a speed-controlled screw compressor  is distinguished by the fact that owing to the system the motor starts up gently without causing expensive peaks. Power consumption of the SCD motor at start-up is always lower than the rated current.

Your potential energy savings in figures:

Compared to a standard compressor, using an "energy-saving compressor" with speed control can achieve savings in the following areas:

  • Avoidance of no-load running
  • Less frequent pressure relief 
  • Reduced pressure loss (owing to less frequent relief)
  • Optimised pressure range (constant network pressure)
  • Direct drive (preventing loss of drive)
  • Reduced leakage

The following example demonstrates the potential energy saving involved in using speed-controlled compressors. 


  • Screw compressor with an installed motor output of 60 kW
  • A load ratio of 70%
  • 4,000 operating hours p.a.
  • 10 bars operating pressure
  • Energy costs at  6 cents/kWh.
  • Result = €5,400.-

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