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ALMiG AirCare - 5 years warranty prolongation

Extend the warranty of your compressed air system to a total of 5 years - so you are on the safe side.

The ALMiG AIRCARE package gives you the opportunity to assert claims for remedy of defects even after expiry of the statutory warranty period. Keep track of your service costs and experience no nasty surprises.

What is special about the ALMiG AIRCARE is that this extension not only includes the newly acquired ALMiG compressors, but also additional components such as

  • heat recovery modules
  • refrigeration dryers
  • adsorption dryers
  • oil-water separation systems
  • filters

With a clearly calculable budget, you can combine our maintenance packages and AirCare warranty extension excellently to accurately map the lifecycle costs of your compressed air station in advance.

AirCare covers also:

  • shipping costs
  • labor for diagnosis and repair
  • cost for rental equipment

Register for AirCare in the first three month after purchase and secure our warranty renewal directly and do not miss the unique opportunity of our warranty package.

Do not hesitate to ask your ALMiG specialist for the exact conditions.

Trust in our five-year AirCare package.