We have the right product for every application.

As a leading compressed air technology system provider, we supply not just standard products but customised, individual solutions too.

Product overview of ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH

Screw compressors

ALMiG produces the most comprehensive range of screw compressors you'll find anywhere. Thanks to the smart modular system, around 80-90 % of all compressor components in a particular kW class are the same and the customer can choose from a range of drive systems. ALMiG therefore always has the right drive concept for any application. ALMiG screw compressors are synonymous with outstanding reliability and operational safety in continuous operation and also minimise your operating costs.

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Piston compressors

Modern piston compressors are used everywhere from manual trades to industry. ALMiG piston compressors were developed especially to meet all the requirements of tough everyday use with ease. They provide a flexible, reliable supply of compressed air and are very cost-effective. Our systems are used in the low-, medium- and high-pressure range (up to 400 bar) and oil-free systems are available too. ALMiG supplies piston compressors tailored to your specific area of work.

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Turbo compressors

Many special applications in compressed air technology require a product customised to the job in hand. The DYNAMIC turbo compressors are used primarily in mid-sized to large-scale applications in refineries and the petrochemical, steel and automotive industries – basically anywhere where a consistent, very reliable supply of 100% oil-free compressed air is needed – and are a highly cost-effective solution.

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ALMiG Rail Systems develops, produces and sells all main components for the air procurement system in vehicles. Our efficient systems produce compressed air in the quality and quantity desired by the customer. Our company delivers a guarantee of first-rate technology in the commercial vehicle and rail industries.

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To ensure the optimum utilisation of compressed air, it should be dry, clean and, in some cases, oil-free. Reason enough to ensure the correctly adjusted quality of compressed air for each individual application.

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Using the ALMiG AIR CONTROL family of controls you can control, manage and monitor your entire compressed air supply system in the best possible way. The very latest microprocessor and communications technology is used, guaranteeing you optimum operating convenience, easy to use settings, and seamless integration of all compressor models and the entire range of accessories.

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Heat distribution

The heat recovery of your screw compressor offers you considerable potential savings. Did you know that the energy consumed for producing compressed air is all converted into heat?

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