ALMiG Air Control

Smart monitoring, reliable documentation.


Air Control

The "smart", integrated Air Control compressor controls think, monitor and document the entire operation of your compressor and offer

  • exceptional convenience for users
  • maximum economic viability
  • provide peace of mind for compressed air supplies
  • and plan maintenance ahead

Air Control B

  • Microprocessor control
  • Illuminated colour LCD display
  • Navigation using number keys
  • Icon display for all the important operating states, such as mains pressure, final oil and compression temperature
  • Maintenance interval indicator
  • Fault memory
  • Link to superordinate control systems

Air Control P: "Even more power – as standard"

  • Microprocessor control with colour touch screen
  • Illuminated graphic display menu
  • Supported user guidance
  • Simple connection to all accessory components
  • Can be integrated into the customer's own management systems
  • Timer programming for optimum adaptation to operational requirements
  • "System pass" – the compressor's business card
  • Various language variants available
  • Various graphical depictions can be accessed, e.g. volume flow produced as daily and weekly profile
  • Basic load cycle switching: another 4 additional compressors (slaves) can be added as master control device
  • Fault memory and programmable automatic restart
  • Extensive statistics with data logging
  • System parameters can be saved to a data medium to reduce programming effort

⇒ Handles the toughest tasks, but is still easy to use

  • Can be connected to a web server