ALMiG Air Control

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Air Control HE

Compressor and global control system in one


The Air Control HE compressor control system for maximum cost-effectiveness and reliability when it comes to compressed air supply. Can be used as a consumption-dependent global control system for up to 10 compressors.

Your benefits in detail:

  • Excellent optical display and simplest possible operation using a 7" TFT colour touch screen
  • Flexible installation in the compressor or in a separate control cabinet
  • Extremely user-friendly thanks to simple configuration and start-up wizard
  • Parameter settings can be saved to a data medium
  • Comprehensive statistics can be accessed using the data-logging functionality

As a global control system

  • Quick access to information about the operating state of the connected compressors
  • Graphical display of power and consumption profiles
  • Split screen: Compressor data and information about the network can be displayed in parallel
  • Leaks can be identified and displayed
  • Priorities can be allocated
  • Energy-saving: All the compressors operate in one pressure tolerance range
  • Speed-controlled compressors can be integrated seamlessly into the system
  • Can be connected to higher-level control systems or a web server