Discover completely oil-free compressed air systems.

Reliable. Advanced. Energy-conscious.

Oilfree compressor systems

ALMiG offers the right solution for all applications that need clean, 100% oilfree compressed air.

In many sectors, such as the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry or in the medical industry, oilfree compressed air is a must in many applications. The water-injected screw compressor systems of ALMiG as an example guarantee this high degree of clean compressed air and provide further benefits.

Guaranteed 100% oil-free compressed air:

  • without a risk of the compressed air network being contaminated by oil
  • without a risk of potential production downtime and product contamination with incalculable follow-up costs
  • without a negative impact on the environment (caused by oil, condensate, …)
  • with value for money in line with market standards
  • generated in an eco-friendly and certified manner

LENTO series screw compressor

Environmentally-friendly compressor with maximum cost-effectiveness

  • Integrated Refrigeration dryer
  • Stepped operating pressure and volume flow
  • Minimised maintenance and service costs
  • Oil-free to ISO class 0

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AP/AT series piston compressor

Energy-saving piston compressors with long service lives

  • Convenient and safe to transport
  • High flow capacity
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimum cooling

DYNAMIC series turbo compressor

Oil-free compressed air for the best possible value for money

  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • Extremely high delivery volume
  • Extremely low energy costs in line operation
  • User-friendly control

SCROLL series scroll compressor

High efficient and oil-free

  • 100% oil-free
  • Low noise level
  • Compact construction
  • Maintenance-friendly design

Screw compressor series SIMPLEXX

The perfect solution for 100% oil-free compressed air

  • 100 % oil-free compressed air
  • Highly efficient compressor stages
  • Low noise level