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HP series piston compressor – quiet high-pressure compressors up to 400 bar

Performance class: 11 – 15 kW

Energy-efficient compressor with high-pressure performance

  • Loss-free direct drive
  • Sound insulation for < 72 dB(A)
  • Very low outlet temperatures
  • Simple control

You can use the piston compressors of the HP series to achieve extremely high final pressures of up to 400 bar.
The HP compressed air stations contain everything needed for modern high-pressure compressors:

  • Electronic control unit, easy to operate
  • Loss-free direct drive, no more energy-efficient option is available
  • Guaranteed reliable and low-maintenance operation thanks to pressure lubrication and crankshaft bearing
  • Super sound insulation < 72 dB(A) thanks to sound-optimised housing
  • Intelligent design principle for
    • small space requirement (< 1 m²)
    • small width of < 800 mm
  • Easy to maintain, all maintenance points are easily accessible through a side maintenance flap or through the front, which is designed as a door
  • Very low compressed air outlet temperatures of just 5° C above the ambient temperature
  • Residual oil content ≤ 3 mg/m3 significantly reduces the costs of treating compressed air and/or extends the treatment unit life
  • Integrated filter, demister and condensate collecting tank
  • Extremely low vibration as free forces of gravity are compensated for


The piston compressors of the HP series are available with 3 or 4 compression stages and volume flows of 227 – 372 l/min:


  • HP 0435033 (11 kW), 3 stages with a final pressure of up to 350 bar
  • HP 0540044 (15 kW), 4 stages with a final pressure of up to 400 bar

The HP high-pressure compressors are fitted with an optimised silencer housing for < 72 dB(A) as standard.