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BELT series screw compressor – compressor output with endurance

Performance class: 4 – 37 kW

The perfect compressor for continuous load around the clock

  • Low-maintenance V-belt drive
  • Good long-term performance
  • Extremely cost-effective and reliable
  • Low maintenance costs

The BELT 4 - 37 screw compressor series ensures your company benefits from a high compressor output and reliability at minimum operating costs around the clock. The tenacious compressors are fitted with a low-maintenance V-belt drive, which transfers the 4 - 37 kW of power with virtually no losses. This means that the compressor makes full use of the motor's output.

The BELT 4 – 37 series enables very cost-effective and reliable usage in a volume flow range of up to 5.78 m³/min. The fixed speed concept of the BELT compressor series also delivers long service lives and low maintenance costs, making the screw compressors especially well suited for use as base load compressors.

The unique design concept of the screw compressors of the BELT 4 - 37 series makes them ideal base load compressors for a high compressor output with minimal operating costs.

The product range includes 2 variants with various outputs and volume flows:

  • BELT 4 – 37
  • BELT 4 – 37 "PLUS"
  1. Separation system
    • Outstanding compressed air quality from proven multi-stage separation
  2. Air Control
    • The intelligence of the compressor: it thinks, monitors, documents. Can be connected to the Internet, making all conceivable communication possible.
  3. Drive system
    • Highly efficient, reliable V-belt drive
  4. Compressor
    • High-performance, excellent efficiency
  5. Cooling unit
    • Large cooler for minimum compressed air outlet temperatures and optimum coolant temperatures
  6. Fan
    • Powerful, efficient, high-performance
  7. Drive motor
    • Robust drive motor designed for power reserve

For more information about the ALMiG screw compressors of the BELT series, please download the following brochure in your desired language.

DE - Screw compressor brochure BELT

EN - Screw compressor brochure BELT

ES - Screw compressor brochure BELT

FR - Screw compressor brochure BELT

* "PLUS" variant: with coupled compressed air refrigeration dryer, can also be added at a later date
"O" variant: with coupled compressed air refrigeration dryer and filter system comprising 1 x depth filter
and 2 x active carbon filter to produce the technically oil-free compressed air