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SIMPLEXX series screw compressor – oil-free compressor with powerful cooler

Performance class: 132 – 275 kW

The perfect solution for 100% oil-free compressed air

  • 100 % oil-free compressed air
  • Highly efficient compressor stages
  • Low noise level

The screw compressor series SIMPLEXX is a two-stage dry screw compressor range for 100% oil-free compressed air. It provides users with a reliable and efficient means of generating oil-free compressed air. Guaranteed high-quality, 100% oil-free compressed air has long been the standard in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, food production and electrical engineering, for example. It is increasingly used wherever high-quality and clean products and services are manufactured and contamination is to be avoided.

The series is available in fix speed and speed controlled versions and covers an operating pressure from 4 - 10.4 bar and an air demand up to  48,6 m³/min. Speed controlled compressors adjust themselves to the real air demand of the customer and helps to safe expensive energy costs.

On top of that, drive motors with a premium efficiency class of IE3 ensure a cost saving operation with a long lifetime.

ALMiG offers the screw compressor series SIMPLEXX as air-cooled or optional water-cooled solution.

The development team came up with a clever design, which results, in combination with well proven and high quality parts, in a market leading sound level for two-stage dry screw compressors.

The SIMPLEXX compressors are equipped with a modern controller, which monitors all important parameters and therefore ensures a safe and efficient operation, even under harsh conditions. The controller as well offers the opportunity to connect multiple compressors in one compressor station.