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VARIABLE XP series screw compressor – High efficiency with speed control

Performance class: 22 - 200 kW

The right solution for fluctuating compressed air requirements

  • Intelligent SCD technology
  • High efficiency through speed control
  • Stepless mains pressure of 5-13 bar

The VARIABLE XP screw compressors are the optimal solution to provide the right amount of compressed air when the demand for compressed air fluctuates. With the integrated frequency converter, the specially designed motor only runs as fast as necessary to generate the required amount of compressed air. Expensive idle times and over-compression are now a thing of the past. Thus, the plant is the right solution for a highly efficient compressed air supply. The product range offers delivery quantities of 0.85 - 43.58 m³/min at maximum operating pressures of 5 - 13 bar. In the development of the new VARIABLE XP series, the optimization of the cooling air flow has further improved the reliability and service life of the components. With the extra thick sound insulation, the system can also be installed where the noise level is critical.

Market analyses show that on average compressors only have a utilisation rate of around 50–70 %. The maximum delivery volume is, however, only needed during peak times. So we developed ALMiG SCD technology, the benefits of which come to the fore in partial load applications - i.e. exactly where they are needed.
SCD technology stands for Speed Controlled and Direct drive and is an integral drive concept with maximum cost-effectiveness. An energy saving of up to 35 % can be achieved through:

  • Speed control
  • Constant mains pressure, stepless from 5 - 13 bar
  • Extremely good system efficiency
  • No start-up changeover power peaks
  • No expensive idle times

Potential for saving energy

The measurement diagrams below contain a huge potential for saving energy! We only base our decisions on facts. Which is why we analyse first, then make a decision.
ALMiGspecialists will therefore use a precise consumption measurement procedure to determine your current compressed air consumption and work with you to develop an ideal system solution.

The directly driven, speed-controlled VARIABLE coupled with the screw compressors of the DIRECT series make for an unbeatable energy-saving duo .

For more information about the ALMiG screw compressors of the VARIABLE XP series, please download the following brochure in your desired language.

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