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Compressed air treatment

ALMiG offers the right type of compressed air treatment for every requirement.


Active carbon adsorber

ALM-AC series

Active carbon adsorbers remove all oil droplets and vapours from the compressed air.

The ALM-AC active carbon adsorber supplies absolutely oil-free, taste- and odour-neutral compressed air and guarantees:

  • Freedom from oil with a residual oil content ≤ 0.003 mg/m3 through high adsorption of oil vapour.
  • Inlet requirements: DTP +3°C
  • Active carbon life of around 10 000 operating hours
  • Complete operational reliability
  • Maximum performance, safety and quality
  • Constant efficiency

Key data:

  • Residual oil content: ≤ 0.003 mg/m3
  • Volume flows: 70 - 9300 m3/h
  • Operating pressure: 5 - 16 bar (overpressure)
  • Ambient temperature: 2 - 45°C