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Compressed air treatment

ALMiG offers the right type of compressed air treatment for every requirement.


Condensate management

ALM-D condensate drain

The ALM-D are level-regulated, electronically controlled condensate drains which are used wherever effective, reliable and cost-effective condensate discharge is needed.


  • No loss of pressure
  • Drainage according to volumes produced
  • No need to adapt to condensate type
  • Generous internal drainage cross-sections
    • Not sensitive to dirt or condensate containing particles
    • Condensate does not tend to emulsify
  • CO version for aggressive condensates
  • Fully automatic monitoring with LED display
  • Zero-wear sensor technology
  • Fitted with potential-free contact as standard
  • Parts requiring maintenance easy to access
  • 24 V or 230 V power supply

ALM-WS - oil/water separation systems

The ALM-WS prepare compressed air condensates with an average oil content of 5% which makes them too environmentally damaging to be discharged in waste water without treatment. Their purpose is to obtain limit values that are in conformity with permissible discharge values.


  • Operator- and service-friendly
  • Simple, rapid filter change
  • Waste water test kit included in scope of supply
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Level indicator to monitor filter throughput
  • Heating can be easily retrofitted at any time
  • General building authority approval