Compressed air treatment

ALMiG offers the right type of compressed air treatment for every requirement.


Cyclone separator

Removal of residual water from the compressed air

The cyclone separators from ALMiG are developed for compressed air cleaning in industrial applications. Due to their optimised design, the three-part housings with twist insert deliver low differential pressures at high flow rates. The conical shape of the lower filter housing section means that separated-out aerosols cannot be swept up. The turbulence-free zone in the lower part of the filter housing prevents condensate already separated in the wet area being swept up again by the air flow.

As an option, the cyclone separators are also available in a premium version with electronic condensate drain.

Equipment features:

  • Standard version including float drain
  • Premium version including electronically controlled condensate drain to discharge condensate without any loss of compressed air

¹ at 7 bar (overpressure) refers to compressor intake status (1 bar, 20 °C) | max. operating overpressure: 16 bar (AS 30 – 2700) · 12 bar (AS 2400 – 12000)