Compressed air treatment

ALMiG offers the right type of compressed air treatment for every requirement.


Refrigeration dryer

Refrigeration dryers are important when you need dry compressed air as protection against corrosion in the compressed air lines and at the compressed air consumer. The refrigeration dryers remove the humidity from the air by cooling it so that the water precipitates as condensate.
ALMiG's high-performance refrigeration dryers are quality dryers that have been tried and tested thousands of times.

ALM-RD series

The use of clean, dry air is extremely important for all types of compressed air-powered applications. Moisture or contaminants in the compressed air can lead to system failures. These complications reduce productivity and can affect the product quality of the end products. So don't compromise and choose the ALM-RD refrigeration dryer series.


  • The ALM-RD refrigeration dryers already contain a pre-filter and an after-filter (up to ALM-RD 6220), so that the complete treatment can be covered in the smallest possible space. The required filter change is indicated directly on the display.
  • Minimised pressure drop leads to immediate energy savings.
  • Fast start-up and response times ensure that the required air quality is achieved quickly.
  • Each dryer is specially designed according to its flow with the right components to ensure the lowest energy consumption.
  • High-efficiency R134a refrigerant is standard on all models.    
  • A state-of-the-art heat exchanger design offers the highest cost savings in the industry.

The refrigerant circuit and insulation of the ALM-RD series
ALMiG uses only the environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R134a in the dryers. R134a has excellent thermodynamic properties and can be operated at very low pressure compared to other refrigerants. This in turn increases the service life of the refrigerant compressor.

ALMiG refrigeration dryers offer a constant pressure dew point within their operating range. This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art refrigeration technology in the manufacture of the dryers.