Compressed air treatment

ALMiG offers the right type of compressed air treatment for every requirement.


Refrigeration dryer

The ADD refrigeration dryer series can be used anywhere

These refrigeration dryers cut your production costs and improve productivity. A powerful, two-stage, stainless steel plate heat exchange system guarantees reliable dryer operation up to an inlet temperature of +55°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C.

The refrigeration dryers of the ADD series can be used flexibly in numerous applications:

  • as a stand-alone unit
  • for wall mounting
  • or as part of a set (compressor plus refrigeration dryer) for the screw compressors
    • BELT 4 – 37
    • VARIABLE 16 – 34

ALM series - powerful and reliable

The powerful refrigeration dryers of the ALM series are highly efficient quality dryers which have proven themselves in countless applications. They offer good profitability and reliability at inlet temperatures of up to +60°C and a pressure dew point of +3°C.
The series is also characterised by particularly large heat exchanger surfaces, guaranteeing a constant pressure dew point and good water separation even under extreme operating conditions.

Energy-saving refrigeration dryer ALM-E

Energy-saving refrigerant dryer ALM-E 140 - 1000

The ALM-E series offers cost effective energy savings through power consumption that is directly related to air demand. A linear load adjustment is achieved with a demand of 0 % to 100 %.

ALM-E series dryers are equipped with 3-in-1 heat exchangers and a phase change material (PCM, "phase change material") encapsulated between the refrigeration and compressed air circuits, which serves as a highly effective cold accumulator.

The ALM-E refrigeration dryers automatically switch the refrigeration compressor on or off in response to the prevailing load conditions. For partial volume flows (partial load), the energy required to dry the air is taken from the cold accumulator.

Energy-saving refrigerant dryer ALM-E 1320 - 5300

The integrated speed control adapts the energy requirement of the ALM-E series to the compressed air volume in the refrigeration dryer. This delivers a potential energy saving of up to 50% with a stable pressure dew point.