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ALMiG Turbo compressors

Reliable. Energy-Efficient. Oilfree.

DYNAMIC series turbo compressor – oil-free high-performance compressors with low energy costs

Performance class: 185 – 2240 kW

Oil-free compressed air for the best possible value for money

  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • Extremely high delivery volume
  • Extremely low energy costs in line operation
  • User-friendly control

The DYNAMIC series contains three-stage, oil-free compressors in the 185 to 2240 kW power range. The extremely powerful compressed air stations deliver volume flows of 25 - 330 m³/min with a final compression-pressure level of up to 10 bar.
The DYNAMIC series is used primarily in medium- to large-scale industrial applications in the petrochemical, refinery, steel and automotive industries. Wherever a steady, reliable and cost-effective supply of 100% oil-free compressed air is needed.

Benefits of the DYNAMIC turbo compressors:

  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • Clearly defined operating costs
  • Extremely low energy costs in line operation
  • Very compact design with extremely high delivery volume
  • User-friendly microprocessor control Minimal maintenance effort

The turbo compressors of the DYNAMIC series are available in 4 sizes with volume flows of between 25 - 330 m³/min at a final compression-pressure level up to 10 bar:


The oil-free compressors are available uncovered or in a sound-deadened version and are characterised by:

  • Simple installation, minimal assembly effort
  • Three-stage compression for excellent efficiency
  • Inlet guide vane as standard for optimising economic viability
  • Working pressures of 3 – 10 bar *
  • Controlled using a microprocessor
  • High-quality choice of material for low-wear operation
  • Few vibrations and little noise
  • Available with and without trim


* Other pressure ranges on request.

For more information about the ALMiG piston compressors of the DYNAMIC series, please download the following brochure in your desired language.


DE - DYNAMIC series brochure

EN - DYNAMIC series brochure